“You are what you eat!”

Commercially prepared foods often include pesticides, herbicides, steroids, antibiotics, hormones and feed additives which are ingested by consumers. It’s no wonder that our nation is experiencing an epidemic of serious health issues!

All of the foods that Healthy Home Foods provides are 100% organic and/or natual, cruelty free products that have been grown or fed on chemical free American soil. We buy from farmers and growers who treat their crops to plenty of fresh air and sunshine. All animals are humanely treated, raised on open land and fed all natural organic feed and grass.

Specialty Foods


Our specialty food items include the freshest seafood, and beefalo that's available on the market.


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Amish Chicken


The Amish are well known for their principled lifestyle & farming practices. The chickens are raised on pastures with plenty of fresh air, sunshine and room to exercise.


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Grass Fed Beef


Healthy and more humane growing practices produce happier & healthier livestock. Our meat is so tender and delicious, you'll be proud to make it the centerpiece of your family dinners. We strive to minimize waste and provide quality products that are not only beneficial to you, but also the environment.


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Naturally Lean Pork


Philosophy: Total commitment to wholesome, healthy food - as God and Nature intended. Helping to keep small farmers and their families in their homes and on their land.


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Healthy Pantry


From organic oatmeal to mustard and ketchup, Healthy Home Foods provides only the finest name brands to fill your pantry. Please see our pantry product list for full descriptions.


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Organic Breakfast


We offer a large variety of breakfast items including:  fresh fruit, oats, juice, waffles, pancakes, preserves, bacon, sausage and more.


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Outstanding Desserts


We offer a variety of fabulous dessert options for our customers. Our desserts are made withthe the freshest ingredients.


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Organic Produce


Our produce is certified organic. Our strict criteria forbids the use of insecticides or pesticides. Most of the products are certified organic and/or sustainable farming.


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Healthy Home Foods continually monitors the food industry for recalled foods and food borne illnesses often found on the shelves of commercial grocery stores and in fast food restaurants. It is our mission to protect your family from these dangers. Trust Healthy Home Foods for a safer alternative at mealtime.


See a list of all active food recalls at: http://www.fsis.usda.gov/