"Grocery shopping is minimal. I LOVE that part. In and out of Publix in 10 minutes! Wow; that is worth a lot right there."


– Sara Scapellato





"I can't believe the prices! Healthy Home Foods delivers to my door, gives our family the best tasting food ever, ensures that our food is SAFE . . . . for less than I was spending at the grocery store!"


– Rebekkah S, Ladson





"My husband was just diagnosed with Diabetes 2 -- and this disease forced us into a complete lifestyle change. Healthy Home Foods has rescued us! Everything on their menu is Organic and/or All Natural -- which has been sanctioned by his physician. We're looking forward to growing old together -- me, him and Healthy Home Foods"


– Natalie H, Dorchester, SC





"NO MORE LONG GROCERY TRIPS. That's enough for me!"


– Linda S, Summerville





"We really have enjoyed your services and feel good when we sit down for a meal together as a family and know that what is going into our children’s bodies is healthy, nutritious and natural. The only regret we have is not doing it sooner."


– Tiffiny H, Summerville, SC